Edith Goldberg spent her early life in Teschenmoschel, a small village near Kaiserslautern, Germany, where she was born in 1928. Her family were farmers living in a small village of about 200 people. The village had a small Jewish community; originally it had been bigger, but over time people had left or died. There was a synagogue, and a Jewish cemetery dating back to 1665 that served the small villages in the area. Edith describes a normal, happy childhood with her parents and sister, hay-making in the summer and tobogganing in the winter. The family kept to the Jewish traditions and Edith remembers going to synagogue services until 1933, when everything began to change.

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When holocaust survivor Aryeh Goldberg passed away he left his son Tzachi his gold Phillippe watch. On opening the watch he found an old black & white photo of 2 women hidden behind the watch.