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Our bodies are more than 50% water. It is not surprising that water holds a priority place in our bodily needs. In health and sickness, pure water is one of heaven's choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage which God provided to quench thirst in man and animal. Water helps to supply the necessities of the body system to keep all cells functioning as God planned. Water intake is necessary for the body's air conditional system to work efficiently. Perspiration or sweating in the form of vapor is used to cool the body and to control the fine temperature adjustments. We secrete about 1 quart of fluid per day. The only way we can replenish the loss of fluids, is to take in adequate amounts of fluids.

Water is important both internally and externally. Scrupulous cleanliness of the body and our clothing is essential to good health. Impurities are constantly thrown off the body through the skin. Its millions of pores are quickly clogged unless kept clean by frequently bathing, once a week bathing will not do. Most people would benefit from a daily bath because of the high humidity and temperature in this part of the country. Bathing improves the circulation, the muscles become more flexible, and soothes the nerves. Along with bathing, clothing should be changed as frequently as we bathe. Clothing worn absorbs waste material that passes off through the pores of our skin, if the clothing is not washed and change frequently the impurities will be reabsorbed. 

God provided springs and rivers for man to provide fresh water to drink and for bathing. We should obtain the purest drinking water you can, and be sure to drink at least 6-8 8 oz. glasses every day, Water is the perfect beverage. It has no calories, requires no digestion, does not irritate, and is exactly what the body needs to carry on the life process. We should drink enough water to keep the urine a pale yellow - 6-8 glasses/day will do the trick. 

Remember: Soft drink/soda is not to be counted as one of the 6-8 glasses per day. 


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