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Exercising can be hard to commit to because other things may seem like so much more fun. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can find ways to enjoy exercising.

  You can consider bicycle riding.  This is a great way to enjoy nature and travel in good weather when time allows for it. If the road is safe and you want to pick up a few groceries from a nearby store and have a bicycle not only can you save gas money you can also get some much needed exercise into your day.

You can also walk.  You can look for a nearby nature trails or somewhere else nice to get fresh air while walking. You might want to bring some music with you in an ipod to keep you motivated but please remember to beware of your environment.  Try not to get too distracted by the music so you can keep a watch out for cars and other possible dangers. Some people maybe more easily distracted than others and if you can’t focus too well and listen to music at the same time you might want to leave it home regardless as to if you are walking or riding a bicycle.

You can try swimming as an exercise option. Not only is it a good way to use many muscles of your body learning how to swim could save your life by preventing drowning if you ever fall into the whatever.  So if you don’t know how to swim you could consider signing up for swimming lessons at a community center for supervision. Even if you are good at swimming you might want to consider taking someone else a long or going to a well populated area to swim because it is safer to have someone who knows where you are just in case you have any trouble.

If you want to help others and exercise at the same time you can try cutting the grass with a push mower, clearing leaves, or doing some other yard work in your neighbor’s yard (with permission) as well as your own. It might not be as fun as some other activities but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant and you can have a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that although you are worn out you have also accomplished something that needed to be done.

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