Donna Anthes

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Donna Anthes is the director of nursing at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital in Wildwood, Georgia. Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital encourages its patients to live their lives according to sound medical practices and to the Biblical principles of: trusting in God, eating foods that are healthy, exercising, drinking enough water, avoiding harmful substances, and getting proper amounts of sunlight, fresh air, and rest.

Donna remembers meeting a patient named Jill, who happened to be an operating room nurse from another hospital. When Jill came to Wildwood LSC she had high blood pressure and type II diabetes, which made her insulin dependant. Making the changes in her lifestyle was not easy for Jill, but Donna prayed with her and God gave her the

victory. Within a few weeks from the time Jill came to Wildwood LSC her blood pressure returned to normal range, she was exercising, eating right, and her blood sugar levels returned to normal range. Under doctor’s supervision Jill was able to greatly reduce her intake of insulin and she was well on her way to being free of insulin dependency.

Donna has worked at Wildwood LSC for over 10 years and has seen hundreds of similar experiences of God working in people’s lives as they allow Him to bring their lifestyles into harmony with His divine plan of healing. Donna herself experienced the benefits of using God’s natural remedies in harmony with medical science to bring her weight down from 199, when she was 19 years of age, to her current weight of 135.

One of Donna’s favorite books on the subject of health is Ministry of Healing. God’s principles for a healthy life and clear mind are the best ways to avoid sickness and the best ways to bring about healing. Why not use them yourself?

(For more information about Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital call 1-800-634-9355)

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