Aaron's Rod

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Inside the most Holy Place of God's sanctuary, God had Moses place an Ark covered with gold. God commanded that three items be placed inside this ark. One item was Aaron's rod that budded.

It was during the time when the children of Israel were wandering around in the wilderness, after God delivered them from Egypt, that some of the people began to doubt that God had chosen Moses and Aaron to lead them. A rebellion began to develop. Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in prayer to God for help.

GOD directed that every tribe, of the twelve tribes of Israel, bring a rod, a walking stick, into His sanctuary and carve the name of their tribe into their rod. Each tribe did this. The rods where all placed in the sanctuary. In the morning the tribes came to the sanctuary to see what God had done. When they pulled the rods out they saw that Aaron's rod had come alive, it had grown branches and even had almonds on it. This made it plain to all who were willing to listen to God that He had chosen Aaron and the tribe of Levi to direct in the affairs of the sanctuary.

This miracle teaches us many things. It teaches us that GOD is alive, that He cares and He is able to direct in the affairs of His people. It shows us that God is able to bring something back to life that was once dead. So if our spiritual life is dead and lifeless God is able to revive us with faith and hope. More than this HE can cause our dead unhappy lives to spring forth with life, even bearing fruit, even the fruit of the spirit of GOD, which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self control. Also, this miracle shows us that even though our loved ones die, and even though we will die, we can have faith in the fact that when the Messiah comes again to destroy this wicked world HE will raise back to life all those who have trusted in Him.

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